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    The winter school will take place at the Computer Science Building at the University of Würzburg.

    How to reach Würzburg and campus am Hubland

    Institut für Informatik
    Am Hubland
    D-97074 Würzburg

    Travel Information

    For information how to reach Würzburg see: How to reach Würzburg and campus am Hubland

    Once you have arrived to Würzburg, you need to reach the Campus Hubland. There is no tram connection, but there are few busses running there. The lines are:


    • 10, direction Sprachzentrum, stop Hubland/Mensa,

    • 14, direction Gerbrunn, stop: Mathematisches Institut,

    • 114, direction Fachhochschule, stop Hubland/Mensa,

    • 214, direction Universitätszentrum, stop Universitätszentrum.

    The map of all bus lines in Würzburg.

    Detailed bus schedules (in German)

    Bus Tickets


    • RELATE Fellows registered as Uni Würzbug official visitor, you will get tickets at the registration desk. Ask Piotr for details. The tickets valid 2 months for all zones.

    • You can buy tickets by a bus driver, vending machines, at the train station, and few other locations.

    • You can buy a single ticket (Einzelkarte - 2.45€) for 1 zone (Zone A, 1 Wabe or Großwabe) and use it for 90min. You can change the bus lines, but you can't go back on the same ticket.

    • You can buy 6 tickets for 6 rides (6er-Karte - 9.6€ = 1.6€ per ride).

    Building and Rooms Info

    The building of Computer Science (Informatikgebäude) has four levels in total: -1 (Hanggeschoss), 0 (Erdgeschoss), 1, and 2. Entrances to the building are located on levels 0 and -1. The Turing-HS is a big lecture hall for 350 people and it has doors at the level -1 and 0. The coffee breaks take place by the entrance to the Turing hall on the level -1. The rooms UR1 and UR2 are located on the level -1. Rooms SE2 and SE3 (if needed) are located on level 0. Sings will be placed in the building to guide you to the desired location.

    Campus Map

    On the map, we marked the venue, bus stops, mensa (for lunch), and the residence where the social event takes place.


    Universität Würzburg
    Sanderring 2
    97070 Würzburg

    Tel.: +49 931 31-0
    Fax: +49 931 31-82600

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