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    Schedule for RELATE Winter School 2015
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    Contents of the Program

    Invited Speakers

    Harald Müller, Senior Vice President, SAP SE, Chief Product Owner for the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

    Heiko Koziolek, ABB Germany, presents a conceptual architecture as a basis to designing cloud-native monitoring systems.

    External Projects

    The seven European projects HEADSBroker@CloudPaaSage, DIVERSIFYArtistMODAClouds and CloudScale will be introduced. The project coordinators will give insight into the current project work on e.g. model-based cloud platform upperware (PaaSage) or diversity as the foundation for a novel software design principle (DIVERSIFY) and will show which challenges these international consortia tackle and which further collaborations might be fostered.

    Research Management Session

    Michael Klein Managing Director at CAS Software AG will hold a session on “Agile research and development management”.

    Entrepreneurship Day

    Two entrepreneurs and a founder of a software start-up lead through this practical oriented day. After an introduction into business models and start-ups, the participants of the Entrepreneurship Day will develop and analyse together different business model concepts, based on the business model canvas theory.

    DevOps Performance Working Group Sessions

    A meeting of the SPEC Research DevOps Performance Working Group. The DevOps Performance Working Group fosters and facilitates research in combining application performance management (APM) and model-based software performance engineering (SPE) activities for business-critical application systems.

    Fellow Presentations

    Former and current RELATE PhD-students and postdocs present the results of the research they have done during the last 4 years. This covers a subset of topics listed on this website.

    Program (Tuesday, Feb 17) (updated)

    Time Type Room Speaker Title
    12:30 ~Turing-HS (level -1) Registration (Lunch voucher pickup)
    13:00 Turing-HS Samuel Kounev Welcome + RELATE Report
    13:30 Invited Talk Turing-HS Heiko Koziolek (ABB) The Automation Cloud
    14:30 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Adrián Juan Verdejo Assisted migration of enterprise applications to the cloud
    14:45 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Rima Al Ali Data Inaccuracy in designing self-adaptive Cyber Physical Systems
    15:00 Coffee Break ~Turing-HS (level -1) Coffee Break (30 mins)
    15:30 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Chala Tesgera Event Data Management Across a Mobiles-Cloudlets-Cloud Architecture
    15:45 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Aleksandar Milenkoski Evaluating Security Mechanisms in Dynamic Virtualized Environments
    16:00 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Rustem Dautov A Self-Adaptation Framework to Address Evolution and Change in Service-based Cloud Environments
    16:15 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Fotis Gonidis A Development Framework Enabling the Design of Service-based Cloud Applications
    16:30 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Isaak Kavasidis Assessing QoE in large-scale cloud environments with sentiment analysis
    16:45 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS David Mendez Acuna On the Notion of Families of Domain-Specific Languages
    17:00 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Inti Gonzalez Herrera Resource Reservation in Pervasive Middleware
    17:15 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Bholanath Surajbali Interoperability on PaaS
    17:30 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Ioannis Arampatzis Service Level Failure Mitigation for Cloud Services
    17:45 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Ariana Polyviou Understanding Cloud Adoption Decisions
    18:00 End of day 1

    Program (Wednesday, Feb 18) (updated)

    Time Type Room Speaker Title
    08:30 Training Session Turing-HS Michael Klein (CAS) Research Management Session
    10:00 Coffee Break ~Turing-HS (level -1) Coffee Break (30 mins)
    10:30 Project Presentation Turing-HS Benoit Baudry Project: Diversify
    11:30 Invited Talk Turing-HS Harald Müller (SAP) Software Products vs. Cloud Services
    12:30 Lunch Break Mensa Building Lunch (1 hour)
    13:30 Project Presentation Turing-HS Athanasia Evangelinou (NTUA) and Alexander Bergmayr (TU Wien) Project: Artist
    14:30 Project Presentation Turing-HS Jinying Yu and Sebastian Lehrig (TU Chemnitz) Project: CloudScale
    15:00 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Kleopatra Chatziprimou On the Elastic Optimisation of Cloud IaaS Environments
    15:15 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Ivan Paez Anaya Integrating Predictive Analysis and Self-Adaptive Systems to Achieve Proactive Adaptation
    15:30 Coffee Break ~Turing-HS (level -1) Coffee Break (30 mins)
    16:00 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Piotr Rygielski Flexible Performance Modeling and Prediction of Data Center Networks
    16:15 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Viliam Simko Deriving Traffic Models Suitable for Simulation
    16:30 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Paraskevi Zerva Modelling and Analysing Provenance Awareness Infrastructure for SOC systems
    16:45 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Jiri Vinarek Verification of Use Cases in Context of Cloud Providers
    17:00 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Ilias Gerostathopoulos Adaptation in Ensemble-Based Component Systems: From System Goals to Architecture Configurations
    17:15 Fellow Presentation Turing-HS Michał Kit Simulating Cyber-Physical Systems with the jDEECoSim Platform
    17:30 End of day 2

    Program (Thursday, Feb 19)

    Time Type Room Speaker Title
    08:30 Project Presentation Turing-HS Andreas Friesen (SAP) Project: Broker@Cloud
    09:30 Project Presentation Turing-HS Jörg Domaschka (University of Ulm) Project: PaaSage
    10:30 Coffee Break ~Turing-HS (level -1) Coffee Break (30 mins)
    11:00 Project Presentation Turing-HS Johann Bourcier (INRIA) Project: HEADS
    12:00 Lunch Break Mensa building Lunch (1 hour)
    13:00 Project Presentation Turing-HS Jiuliano Casale (Imperial College London) Project: MODAClouds
    13:30 Group Presentation Turing-HS André van Hoorn (Uni Stuttgart), Andreas Brunnert (fortiss GmbH) SPEC RG DevOps Performance
    14:00 End of day 3 - Social Event
    14:01 Social Event Head to the bus stop. Enter a bus line 14, 114, or 214, exit at the stop "Rennweg"
    15:00 (sharp) Social Event Meeting point: Fountain by the Residenz Guided tour in Residence
    ~16:30 Social Event Meeting point: Fountain by the Residenz Walk through the old town
    17:15 (sharp) Social Event Meeting point: Fountain by the Residenz Guided tour in the wine cellars
    17:45 Social Event Stattliches Hofkeller - Bachusecke Dinner combined with wine tasting

    Program (Friday, Feb 20) Parallel session - SPEC Research DevOps Performance Working Group (updated)

    Time Type Room Speaker Title
    09:30 - 10:30 Group Meeting UR 1 (level -1) DevOps Meeting
    10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break ~Turing-HS (level -1) Coffee Break (30 mins)
    11:00 - 12:30 Group Meeting UR 1 DevOps Meeting
    12:30 Lunch Break Mensa Building Lunch (1 hour)
    13:30 - 16:00 Group Meeting UR 1 DevOps Meeting
    16:30 End of day 4

    Program (Friday, Feb 20) Parallel session - Entrepreneurship Day (updated)

    Time Type Room Speaker Title
    10:00 - 10:10 Training Session UR 2 (level -1) Spiros Alexakis Entrepreneurship Day - Welcome
    10:10 - 10:30 Training Session UR 2 Wassili Kazakos Presentation of the disy use case + eulenausathen
    10:30 - 10:45 Coffee Break ~Turing-HS (level -1) Coffee Break (15 mins)
    10:45 - 11:00 Training Session UR 2 Spiros Alexakis Corporate innovation at CAS Software
    11:00 - 12:00 Training Session UR 2 Anne Siebold Lean startup concept + exercise
    12:00 - 12:30 Training Session UR 2 Dimitris Tsigos European confederation of Young Enterpreneurs, Mission and Vision, Pitching hints
    12:30 - 13:30 Lunch Break Mensa Building Lunch (1 hour) & Forming pitching teams
    13:30 - 15:00 Training Session UR 2 Pitching preparation
    15:00 - 16:30 Training Session UR 2 Live Pitching and feedback
    16:30 - 17:00 Training Session UR 2 Conclusions, closing
    17:00 End of day 4, End of Winterschool, End of RELATE

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