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    Software Products vs. Cloud Services

    Harald Müller, Vice President and Head of Cloud Management, SAP SE

    The mission of the Cloud Management team is to ensure that SAP´s cloud offerings are run in a highly efficient,secure and scalable manner.  The team responsibility covers all aspects of Cloud Management ­ from the higher levels of Application & Lifecycle Management down to the level of Infrastructure Services.

    Prior to this Harald was the Chief Product Owner for the SAP HANA Cloud Platform which is SAP's In-Memory Platform-as-a-Service.


    In this talk we will present personal and practical experiences with the Development and Operations of Cloud Services. SAP is the world leader in enterprise software and software-related services and one of the major Cloud providers with more than 35 million business users that use SAP cloud solutions. What are typical challenges but as well opportunities that development teams face in Cloud Environments? What is the main difference between offering and delivering Cloud Services to customers compared to the development and shipment of traditional Software Products?

    The Automation Cloud

    Dr. Heiko Koziolek, Principal Scientist and Global Research Topic Coordinator, Industrial Software Technologies

    Heiko Koziolek works as a Principal Scientist and Global Research Area Coordinator with the "Research Area Software" of ABB Corporate Research in Ladenburg, Germany. From 2005 to 2008, he held a PhD scholarship from the German Research Foundation (DFG). His contributions have won best paper awards at WICSA, ICPE, SPLC and WOSP. He has served as co-program chair of the international software architecture conferences QoSA and SATURN, as well as reviewer for several conferences and journals, including ICSE and IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. His research interests include performance engineering and software architecture.


    Today’s industrial control systems store large amounts of monitored sensor data in order to optimize industrial processes. In the last decades, architects have designed such systems mainly under the assumption that they operate in closed, plant-side IT infrastructures without horizontal scalability. Cloud technologies could be used in this context to save local IT costs and enable higher scalability, but their maturity for industrial applications with high requirements for responsiveness and robustness is not yet well understood. We propose a conceptual architecture as a basis to designing cloud-native monitoring systems. In this context, we benchmarked open source time-series databases on cloud infrastructures with up to 36 nodes with workloads from realistic industrial applications. We found that at least one database provides the required scalability and reliability.


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